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School Vision

The school vision identifies 4 key areas that we believe are important to a child to enable them to succeed in school and at the same time provide them with the life long skills and attributes to be a responsible, respectful citizen who make positive contributions to society.

We recognise the importance of ensuring children leave Meath Green Infant School being able to read, write and be competent in maths, but we also ensure children adopt healthy lifestyles through regular high quality PE lessons, opportunity for daily active learning, extensive use of our outdoor environment and a healthy approach to food and drinking of water.

Our curriculum is engaging and exciting to children, not just by the topics we teach but by the methods and approaches we take. All topics have a wow factor, whether it is at the beginning of the topic, as a hook, or at the end of the topic as a celebration. We plan opportunities to enrich and extend children’s knowledge and understanding taught in the classroom through the use of our outdoor environment within school and in the local area, our extensive range of clubs run by staff in school and outside providers, through drama workshops and inviting visitors into school.

We encourage children to be resilient, not only in their learning but also in dealing with issues related to friendships or in developing their skills and hobbies. Very often life doesn't follow the path we hoped and children (and adults) have to deal with disappointments or failures. By focusing on resilience, taking things one step at a time and celebrating each success as a step nearer to their goal, we teach children not to give up, even when things are difficult and link it closely with our school value of Perseverance.

We have 6 core values, linked to British Values and focus on one every half term. Friendship, Appreciation, Perseverance, Respect, Co-operation and Honesty. These are discussed every week in assembly but promoted and celebrated in school when children are seen to demonstrate them. Staff model these values in school when working with children or with colleagues and we encourage parents to promote these values at home too.