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Star-Tastic Gymnastics

Star-Tastic Gymnastics offer a School Gymnastics program which enables all children a chance to explore different Gymnastics skills every week. We work on core areas such as strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. Best of all we have SO MUCH FUN!!!

The gymnasts enjoy working on moves such as Bunny Hops, Gymnastics Balances, Spins and Jumps, Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, Cheerleading, and Acro. We use Floor Beams, Vaults, Ropes, Trapeze, Wallbars, Bean Bags, Springboards, Pom Poms, Ribbons and various other equipment.

Star-Tastic  is a UK Gymnastics Club and we follow the SDF Badgework Scheme to help our gymnasts progress through key gymnastics skills at their own pace. We invite parents to come and watch what we have been learning at the end of term to see their gymnasts receive Badges and Star of the Term Medals.

Star-Tastic trains gymnasts from Pre School sessions up to World Championships and we love encouraging all our gymnasts to be the best they can be!  Our Gymnasts usually start in reception on Badge 3 and finish KS1 with Badge 6/7. Gymnasts can join at anytime and will start on the correct badge and skill level for them. We hand out Stickers every week to reward all our wonderful gymnasts!