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Online Safety

Keeping Children Safe Online

Children now grow up in a world where computer technology and life on the internet are the norm. Many children, even from a young age, will already be familiar with smart phones or tablets, and they often have their own computers, tablets or game consoles.  It is important that children are encouraged to think of technology and electronic media in a positive way. It is an integral and ever-changing part of their future.

Our role in school is to make children and their families aware of the risks and dangers involved in online use. In addition, we make children aware of how they can take steps to stay safe on the internet both at home and in school.

There are clear rules in school for children to follow and we provide families with regular information to help them support online safety at home. We strongly encourage families to have their own internet rules at home.

Online safety is an integral part of all curriculum lessons where technology is relevant but it has a termly focus in computing lessons, assemblies and PSHE lessons.