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Helping in School

We welcome parents, carers or other family members to help in class.  We ask that if you wish to help in class during your child’s first year in reception, you wait until the second term and check with their teacher first.

Volunteers may help with any of the following but you will be advised by the teacher:

Reading with the children, changing word bags, playing games, art activities, taking children to the library or cooking. 

All regular volunteers require a DBS check (online application) and must attend a briefing/meeting with the head teacher which outlines what is required prior to helping and the expected behaviour of the pupils etc.   There are also various forms which need to be completed including a confidentiality and behaviour agreement.

Please note, all activities within school are confidential and must not be discussed out of school.  If a parent asks you about a school issue, please refer them to the class teacher.

Once a DBS is obtained and all the relevant paperwork completed you can liaise with your child’s teacher as to which day/time is convenient, this could be on a weekly basis but we ask that if you have not helped for a period of more than 3 months, we would need to reapply for a DBS (at the discretion of the Headteacher). 

Please can we ask that you call the school office if you are unable to help so we can advise the teacher who can then make alternative arrangements for any planned activities.

We thank our current volunteers, as we would not be able to do many extra activities without them.