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British Values

The school has identified six core values. Whilst we reinforce these values throughout the school day, we focus on one value in depth each half term. They are linked to British values and have been chosen to reflect the key qualities that children need to be a good citizen. They are displayed throughout school and are frequently referred to in class and discussed in assemblies. Children are confident to talk about the school values and are keen to demonstrate them in school and at home.

Our six values are:


Friends are the people whom we enjoy spending time with. Friends also help us when we find things tricky.


Appreciation means being thankful for what we have, and for what others do to help us.


Perseverance means that we keep going, even when we find things tricky. We will get there in the end!


Treating someone with respect means that we care about how they feel.  Respect means that we treat other people kindly and use good manners.


Cooperation means that we work together as a team. 


Honesty means we are truthful in what we say and do.