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Mrs Katherine Saunders

I am a Mum to three boys who have all gone to Meath Green Infant School, the youngest having just started in reception.  My eldest left to go to Junior school a couple of years ago and my middle son is in Year 2. Throughout having children at the school I've been impressed with how friendly and supportive the staff are and all three of my boys have thrived here. The school has a really positive ethos and the Head and Senior Teachers are really keen to build on the schools good reputation and continue to improve, this makes being part of the governing body really enjoyable.   Having previously worked as an NHS Hospital Manager I now run my own healthcare consultancy company and work in hospitals around the South East of England, hopefully the management and finance skills I use in my work are useful  in my role as a Governor.  


Mrs Katie Learwood

I was elected as a governor in 2015. I have 2 boys, my eldest has been through Meath Green Infant School and is now at the Junior School. My youngest will be starting in September. Since being part of the school as a parent I have been impressed by the community atmosphere and the supportive nature of the staff. I have taught at a local school in Reigate for 19 years and have had a variety of roles in that time, such as computing leader for 16 years. I am part of the senior leadership team as the leader of year 2 and also lead English. I like to feel that with my experience in education I have a variety of skills that I can offer to the school.


Mrs Jo Rhodes

My eldest son attended Meath Green Infant School before moving on to Junior school, and my youngest remains here now. I have worked for the NHS for more than 20 years and am currently the Associate Chief Pharmacist at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. My job involves constantly checking and improving the quality of the service we provide to our patients, and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to utilize these skills within the school to support the teaching staff in their mission to continuously develop and enhance the learning experience for the children.


Mrs Louise Boughen

I've been involved with the school since my daughter joined in 2011 and was chair of the PTA for a year and a half while she was at the school. When my son started in 2015 I wanted to continue my involvement with the school and was interested in understanding more about how the school operates. I therefore became a governor at the end of 2015. As a governor I enjoy having greater insight into all of the various ways in which the staff continuously work to improve the learning experience of the pupils in the school, and it is great to be able help support the school’s continued growth and improvement. I currently work at a professional services firm so try to bring some of my skills to the governing body.


Mr Stuart Kelly

I became a Governor of Meath Green Infants in 2015, but unlike other Governors I don’t have children at the school. The Governor role is something that is important to me, to help children to nurture and grow and to be the very best they can and I believe Meath Green affords each child the opportunity to do just that. I work for a London based bank, having been in the banking / finance sector all my working life and whilst high pressure is something that I enjoy. Outside of work cars and bikes are my passion, despite having an old Land Rover that seems to demand ever increasing love and attention !


Miss Vicki Rose

I joined the governing body in September 2017 so that I could support a school in my local area and continue my knowledge of Key Stage 1. I have been teaching Key Stage 2 for ten years in different schools across the country and I currently teach Year 6. I am on the Senior Leadership Team at the school I work. I have a number of years of experience leading English at both Primary and Junior schools and have a particular interest in reading and writing. I am excited to play a part in helping the school to continue to give the children and staff the very best teaching and learning experience that it can offer.


Mr Neil Agate

My son started at the school in 2018 and I was keen to become involved so decided to become a governor after he joined. I am interested in understanding how the school operates, the challenges it faces and offering support to overcome them. I look forward to helping support the school’s continued growth and improvement. I have lived in Horley for many years and work in the construction industry so will try to bring some of my local knowledge and skills to the governing body.


Mr John Williamson

I joined the Governors this year and look forward to helping to ensure the school continues to provide the excellent learning place it has been for all the time I have been involved. All my three ( grown up ) children and two of my grandchildren have benefited from going to the school . I currently work in the NHS but worked as a police officer and an investigator for about 40 years. I am involved in the Pathfinders Scout Group in Horley and was involved in Horley Round Table for many years. I hope I will bring to the board of governors years of experience in fundraising , dealing with different stakeholders and a willingness to learn and look at imaginative ways to deal with the challenges ahead.