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We provide a balanced and broad-based maths curriculum.


We want children to enjoy Maths and we aim to help them become confident and skilled in this very important area of the curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on mental and practical activities throughout the school. All children take part in regular outdoor maths sessions, where they can reinforce and apply their learning.  Children are encouraged to explain to others how they have solved a problem or worked out an answer before they start recording their thinking on paper. We show children the patterns in numbers and involve them in problem-solving investigations as well as calculations and other mathematical concepts. The children get involved in practical tasks such as measuring, weighing and using shapes.
In Year One maths is taught in the child’s class, with a balance of whole class teaching and group work, based on the next steps in their learning.


In Year Two maths is taught by grouping children across the year. We currently have two mixed ability groups and one set for the more able and gifted children. This set mainly focuses on enrichment and problem solving activities as the children have met or almost met the national expectations in maths for year 2.
We also teach mathematics across the curriculum by making links in other subjects so that the application of maths skills becomes more relevant. For example, in a geography session children might carry out a road survey and record their results by tallying and then making a graph.
Our maths curriculum is not static as we constantly monitor, review and develop it to meet the needs of our pupils. We change our timings, grouping and style of teaching whenever necessary to meet the needs of our current cohort. We aim for the children to achieve as highly as possible and, to help with this, the teachers monitor each child closely. Teaching is geared to individual needs as far as possible. Work in classrooms is matched to a child’s ability level, providing enough challenge to help him/her progress. Throughout a child’s time at the school there is continual teacher assessment. This helps us to identify an individual pupil’s strengths and his/her next steps in learning and to provide all children with appropriate learning opportunities.

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