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KS1 English Meeting Powerpoint November 2020


Children develop a life-long love of reading and will read for pleasure both in school and at home. They enjoy listening to high-quality stories and will join in with enthusiasm. They will also be exposed to a wide range of genres and develop a breadth of vocabulary through reading different styles of books. Children will have a secure knowledge of phonics and apply this confidently to their reading to enable them to be confident and fluent readers. They will have a secure understanding of what they are reading, make inferences and talk in detail about a range of texts.


Phonics Scheme

We currently use Letters and Sounds but are purchasing a new scheme but are waiting for the DfE to confirm which ones they are accredited. 



Children will develop a love for writing. They will confidently express their ideas and experiences through writing for a range of purposes including fiction, non-fiction and poetry and be excited by having a context for writing. They will then build up a wide range of interesting and appropriate vocabulary. Children will have a secure knowledge of phonics and apply this to their writing, spelling many words correctly. They will also use punctuation accurately and produce grammatically accurate sentences and will apply their knowledge of writing to all subjects across the curriculum.

Children are taught the correct formation of letters using the correct strokes required to enable them to join their letters. They will also take pride in having well-presented writing.

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