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Early Years Foundation Stage

Children in Reception are taught using the revised Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.
The curriculum consists of seven areas of learning.  All areas of learning are important and link with each other.  The areas are divided into the Prime and Specific areas.
The Prime areas are:
• communication and language;
• physical development;
• personal, social and emotional development.
The Specific areas are:
• literacy;
• mathematics;
• understanding the world;
• expressive arts and design.
At Meath Green Infant School we engage the children’s interests and enthusiasm to learn through topics or themes.  The topics can last for a couple of weeks, or even a whole term, depending on the children’s interests.

As well as teaching through topics, the Reception teachers look closely at the skills the children need to learn and what their next steps are, these are then planned for as part of the current, or following topic.
In the Early Years, Play is extremely important for children to learn and develop. It is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, solving problems, and relating to others.  They learn best when given time to explore and play with things themselves.  We ensure that children access a variety of child initiated learning opportunities and focussed adult led learning activities.  These activities are carefully planned to develop new skills, areas of knowledge and understanding or to consolidate prior learning.
Children learn both in the classroom and in our outside classroom.  The children have the opportunity to explore all areas of learning in the outside classroom and have access to this all year round to support their next steps and new learning.