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British Values

The school has identified six values which the school focuses on each half term. They are linked to British values and have been chosen to reflect the key qualities that children need to be a good citizen. They are displayed throughout school and are frequently referred to in class and discussed in assemblies. Children are confident to talk about the school values and are keen to demonstrate them in school and at home.


Our six values are:



Looking after each other through good times and bad.



Showing gratitude and being thankful for what they have.



Showing resilience when trying new things and not giving up when it gets hard.



Treat others with respect by being polite, use good manners and respect their wishes. Also show respect for their own property, those of others and the world around us.



Working together in  a positive way for a common purpose, sharing and being helpful.



The importance of being trustworthy, telling the truth and admitting when they have made a mistake.